Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions
Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions

Invisible Halo™ REAL HAIR Extensions

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Great looking hair in SECONDS!

✅ Ethically sourced real human hair!

✅ Looks and feels natural!

✅ Easy to take off!

Introducing our Invisible Halo™ Real Hair Extensions. The tried and true patent-pending Invisible Halo™ is crafted to fit securely on your head while staying out of sight. Simply put the halo over your head (like the angel you are 😇) and comb your hair out over the top to blend it all in and secure the halo. You might even forget you're wearing extensions at all! It looks so impossibly natural.

They're extremely versatile, and can blend in with most hairstyles to create a super natural look. These extensions are superior to many of the other extensions and are available in sizes between 16-22 inches (40-55cm). Get the hair that you've always dreamed of with a selection of shades to match your natural hair color. The best part is, after your night out at the end of the day, you can take them off extremely easily in one quick motion.

❌ No more clips.

❌ No more damage.

❌ No more wasted time.

These extensions are made with real ethically-sourced human hair, these hair extensions will last you up to an entire year. Don't need extensions this long? Give them a haircut! Don't like the style? Curl or straighten them (using low temperature settings, please)! Color slightly off? Dye it! These truly are a natural extension to your hair. Want even thicker hair? Use two extensions at the same time!

**NOTE** Due to high demand, real human hair extensions will be shipped from our international warehouse. Therefore, US orders may take 2 weeks to arrive. Thank you for understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions
Are these extensions made of real human hair?

Yes! These extensions are made of ethically sourced real human hair and feel completely natural! We do offer a range of synthetic halo hair extensions as a cost-effective alternative. However, these extensions are true quality hair extensions which will be true extensions to your real hair

My color doesn't match the way I thought it would! / My item arrived damaged! / I would like to return the item.

No worries! Let us know within 14 days and we will give you a stress-free refund or exchange. If the color doesn't match, send it back and exchange for one that does. Returns are easy through our returns center. We want you to love our Invisible Halo™ Hair Extensions!

Can you help me match my color?

Judging your own color is sometimes really hard - especially on a screen! We'd love to help you. Click the chat icon at the bottom right of this screen or send us an email, instagram DM, or facebook message with a well-lit recent picture of you and we'll be happy to help find your color for you!

How long does my hair need to be to use these extensions?

We recommend your hair to be at least 8-10 inches in order to anchor down the Invisible Halo™ hair extensions. We have had some ladies with shorter hair pair their extensions with a hat or beanie which can look super cute!

I don't see my color! When will you get it in stock?

We aim to have a wide array of hair extensions in all colors. However, there are so many women out there with many different hair colors - each more unique than the next. It would be almost impossible to offer a range to match everyone. However, since these extensions are made of real human hair, you will be able to dye them to your color. Take a bleach or light blonde extension to your next appointment with the hairdresser and they should be able to match your extensions to your hair!

Can I dye my Invisible Halo™ hair extension?

Yes! We suggest dying a discreet spot on your Invisible Halo and seeing how the dye turns out. The best way to know is to try! A great starting point for dying your extension is a light blonde or bleach blonde.

Can I curl or straighten my Invisible Halo™?

Yes! These extensions are made from real genuine human hair and will react to a straightener/curling iron the same way your hair would. We recommend you do not exceed 300F (150C).

Can I bleach my Invisible Halo™?

Yes! These are human hair afterall. Be careful with over bleaching, as bleaching does damage hair and could shorten the life of your extensions.

Can I wear more than one Invisible Halo™ at the same time?

Yes, definitely! Wearing two Invisible Halo's is a fantastic way to get a much fuller look to your hair. You can even wear the Invisible Halo with other types of extensions.

How does the Invisible Halo™ stay on my head?

Place the Invisible Halo over your head, it should sit around 2-3 inches behind your scalp. Once securely placed, you should gently pull your hair out from under the wire and put it over the top (we recommend using a tail comb for this part). Your natural hair will act to stabilize the Invisible Halo in place. More importantly, your real hair will be over the top of the extension playing the leading role, while the Invisible Halo does the back-up work to fill out the volume.

I need more help - my question isn't answered here!

Then we would love to talk to you. Send us a message through our contact page or send an email to, hit us up in instagram, facebook, or even the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen and someone from our support team will be with you as fast as they can to answer your questions!